Fine pore sponge




Our custom fine pore sponge is the ultimate cleaning tool.

Specifically designed to easily soak up dirt without scratching your paintwork.
Dunk it back in the bucket and it’s clean and ready to go again. This is the safest way to remove dirt from your bike, no more tough, bristled brushes or abrasive sponges.

Ergonomic shape
We tested over 50 foam shapes and sizes before settling on this. It’s perfect for the flat surfaces of your bike, but also great for fitting in between chainrings, brake calipers etc.

Extra durable
This won’t cut up easily like a regular sponge! Sharp cable ties and bladed spokes won’t harm ours.
Supplied in a moisture bag, the foam will go rock solid if left out to dry. Place it in water and it’s ready to use again.


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